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What to Expect in Your Biotechnology/Pharmaceutical Job Search

Searching for a new opportunity can be overwhelming. From cover letters, applications, and interviews, the entire process can last anywhere from a week to months. However, for those in the life sciences industry, it is a job-seekers market as pharma employees are in demand. 

To help guide you through your journey, here is what to expect in your pharma job search.

Where to Look

From recruiting firms to job boards to in-person applications, there are distinct options to search for a job. However, the best option for those in the biotechnology, pharma, and life sciences industries is with a staffing firm, like Precision Life Sciences. Often, they post on industry-specific job boards and have relationships with companies in the life sciences industry. Industry-specific firms and job boards can help you navigate the job search process.

Updated Resume

Once you find an opportunity during your pharmaceutical job search, be prepared to apply. Most jobs require a resume at the minimum. For tips on preparing your resume, check out Quick Tips on How To Write A Resume For The Life Science Industry. If you provide a cover letter, tailor it to the specific role and highlight your skills.

The Interview

Interview preparation is the most crucial step in your job search. If you have gaps in your resume, review Employment Gaps? No need to Stress. Another key step in preparing for an interview is conducting your due diligence on the company. By researching the company beforehand, you can ask specific questions related to the organization and the role. Additionally, check reviews of the company and ask questions related to those reviews, if concerned.

Securing a job in the pharmaceutical industry should not be stressful. If you feel it is time for you to move on to a new opportunity, be initiative-taking during your pharmaceutical job search, and take the necessary steps. 

If you are looking for opportunities, consider a recruitment expert to help you. Precision Life Sciences has more than 50 years of leveraged staffing experience and is ready to help you with your career objectives. You will be supported by recruiting experts who specialize in your field and will have access to our robust network of clients.

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