Seamus Webb Celebrates One Year at Precision

Seamus Webb Celebrates One Year at Precision

As Seamus celebrates his one-year work anniversary at Precision, it is a great opportunity to congratulate him on his achievements and highlight the valuable contributions he has made to Precision.

Seamus is a perfect example of a dedicated and passionate professional who is always looking for ways to help others. With nearly 15 years of experience working in the biotech industry, Seamus decided to make a change and went into recruiting which eventually brought him to our Life Sciences Division in April 2022. His aim in the career change was to help others find the right jobs that would be both personally and professionally fulfilling.

“Is it a grind, absolutely; however, I find it to be a more rewarding experience when I can connect with the right people for the right jobs than any of the work I did in my previous career.” Said Seamus

It is not an easy task to switch careers and learn new skills, but Seamus was up for the challenge. He quickly adapted to his new role and began building relationships with job seekers and clients. His background in molecular biology and research made him a valuable asset to Precision, and he was able to provide valuable insights into the biotech industry that proved invaluable in his work.

As a recruiter, Seamus is not just looking for the right candidate for a job; he is looking for the right job for the candidate. He takes the time to listen to job seekers and understand their goals and aspirations. He also works with Precision’s clients to understand their needs and find the perfect match for both parties.

Seamus’s commitment to understanding the biotech industry and his scientific background make him a trusted advisor to many job seekers. He is able to provide valuable advice on how to market themselves effectively and stand out in a competitive job market. His approachability and transparency make him a joy to work with and someone that job seekers and clients could trust. One of Seamus’ most recently success stories is explained in a testimonial from a recent placement:

“I had the fortunate opportunity to be recruited by Seamus while actively searching for my next best thing. His commitment towards deeply understanding the roles I was searching for and always having my best interest was very inspirational. Seamus managed by example as both a leader and driver of making sure I was recruited for the best opportunity that matches my skill set and level of expertise. He was very approachable, transparent, scientifically sound, and always willing to give advice on how to best market myself for the roles I was applying for. Anyone would be lucky to have an intelligent recruiter like Seamus to find them their next big opportunity within the biotech industry! ~ Preclinical Project Manager

One of Seamus’s greatest strengths as a recruiter is his ability to connect with people. He understands that finding the right job is not just about matching skills and qualifications but also about finding the right cultural fit. Seamus’s ability to build relationships with both job seekers and clients allow him to find the perfect match for both parties, resulting in long-term employment for many job seekers and satisfied clients.

In addition to his work as a recruiter, Seamus was also able to apply his scientific background to his role at Precision. He is able to understand the technical requirements of many of the roles he was recruiting for and provide valuable insights to both job seekers and clients. This helps to ensure that both parties are fully informed about the technical aspects of the job and could make informed decisions about whether the job is a good fit.

Seamus’s contributions to Precision have not gone unnoticed. He has been a driving force in the success of the staffing division, and his dedication and commitment to his work have been an inspiration to his colleagues. His ability to build relationships with job seekers and clients and his scientific background have made him invaluable.

As Seamus celebrates his one-year work anniversary, it is important to acknowledge the contributions he has made to the biotech industry as a whole. His dedication to helping others find fulfilling jobs is a testament to his character and his commitment to making a difference in the lives of others.

Seamus’s work as a recruiter has helped many job seekers find the perfect job and helped many clients find the perfect candidate. His approachability, transparency, and scientific background have made him a valuable asset to Precision and the biotech industry. We congratulate Seamus on his one-year work anniversary at Precision and look forward to many more years of working together to make a difference in the lives of others.

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