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Maximizing Your LinkedIn Profile

Often hiring managers and Life Science recruitment firms utilize LinkedIn to identify potential candidates.  Your LinkedIn profile is an asset when it comes to identifying you as a potential match for your next career step. 

Life Science recruitment professionals, such as those at Precision Life Sciences, devote themselves to becoming experts in a specific field of Life Sciences recruitment. LinkedIn is often the first step in finding you, utilizing a profile search with the most pertinent and effective experience, that can result in an opportunity that best suits your career objectives. 

It can be overwhelming, whether you are trying to stand out or not.  Even with the profile add “open to work”, your LinkedIn profile is the first impression. Here are a few ways you can enhance your profile to improve your chances of working with a recruiter and possibly find your next opportunity.

Describe Work Experience

Include details about your experience on your profile by describing your work history.  This will draw attention to your skills and experience. 

Include Contact Information

Although you can be reached through InMail or connection message, make it easier for a Recruiter or potential employer to reach you through email or phone.  If you actively searching for a new role, this is imperative and if you want to be bold – post your contact information in the “About” section.

Detail Specific Skillsets

Many opportunities require a set of specific technical skills as they relate to a position. Therefore, include any technical skills throughout your work experience to show your qualifications. Profiles that include more detailed information tend to stand out and make it easier for recruiters to approach potential candidates about a specific role.

In closing, if you are looking for opportunities and want a recruitment expert to help you with your search, consider Precision Life Sciences.  With more than 50 years of leveraged staffing experience, Precision Life Sciences is better equipped to help you with your career objectives.  You will be supported by recruiting experts who specialize in your field and will have access to our robust network of clients.    

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